Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tweaq takes Artwork design to a new level

Tweaq are currently involved in a huge design project for one of our high-end residential Clients. The brief was to deliver high quality and innovative design.

Part of the design project was to also create a 'WOW' factor in each room - to create a focal point that would also bring the space to life.

The Billiards room:

Artwork also needs to compliment the other features of the room. In order to tie in with the high end Billiards Table, Tweaq designed these abstract artworks with a backlight to highlight the shape and direction of the lines. These 3 pieces work well with the wall paper and furniture that is also being used in this room, which is the key to successful artwork.

The Main Bedroom:

Tweaq designed a feature wall which includes a series of random sized squared and rectangular boxes that pop out at different widths. This creates a level and depth that brings the wall to a 3 dimensional aspect. This dramatic pattern not only looks good but is also designed to have functional storage solutions. Amongst the boxes are a number of drawers and cupboards which meets 2 of the clients needs... the wow factor and suitable storage for their master bedroom.

To soften the main feature wall, Tweaq also designed a light artwork that will help set the mood for the main bedroom. This Red Perspex artwork helps to soften the space and also creates ambience lighting. The circular shapes compliment the surrounding area and is used as the finishing piece to the room.

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