Break into a bigger market with a bang. Even if it is a simple spec home with a slight upgrade on basic finishes and fixtures, topped off with great styling by a qualified designer this will do wonders for your soon to be big business. 
A good designer will help guide you through from the inside out.
Get a really cohesive final presentation bring your interior designer in earlier on the process to nut out some great space planning and in vogue finishes, this will help to get the best outcome on a lower budget build if it is your first display. A good designer will help guide you through from the inside out. After all curb appeal is important however your potential client spends more time inside looking at the layout and finishes than on the street staring at the front facade. 
If you are just branching out into this market don't set up shop in huge display home villages competing with the big boys that might have 3 in a row. To start go for the smaller display home villages and opt for great signage and maybe even a pricing deal. This will bring investors in which are the best kind of clients, quick, non emotional and just want the job done.
Speak to your designer about putting some great internal packages together for you in the way of tap ware, PC items, doors and kitchen range. An experienced designer in the building industry will already be familiar with all of this and their fee will save you an extraordinary amount of time.
Come on small business think BIG!!!
Photo complements of Eagle Homes. Styled by Tweaq!