Friday, August 14, 2015

Save Some of your Building Budget for Final Touches

When Building a new home you are spending dollars before you even break ground and it is hard to keep things in line but I can't believe how many people use up their entire budget before they even get to their finishing touches. 

These finishing touches are what everyone sees at the final reveal. People a lot of the time are trying to scrimp and save at the end of the build rather than keep a close eye on it the whole way through. It blows me away when I see people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home just to ruin it with bad taste and lack of knowledge at the end. 

When you lay bricks you bring in a bricky when you creating your electrical plan you bring in an electrician so why do people hesitate to bring in a professional interior designer when selecting there final finishes and fixtures?

There is a lot to think about at this stage. The first thing a person sees before

they enter your home is the exterior finishes, roof, fascia, guttering, brick, render and even drive way colour to name a few. That is one whole colour selection and you haven't even moved in side. 

Inside your home is where you spend a majority of your time and you will be looking at walls, floors, bench tops, cupboard doors, handles, tiles, doors, toilets, vanities, taps, window treatments and lighting fixtures and this is a short list. 

Its a big job and someone has to do it and if you get it wrong it can cost you in the long run. My advice is to continue with what works and hire a professional, you have done this for the entire build don't stop now. 

Have a designer create an efficient and sparkling final finish. You will find the cost of the professional designer often evens out if they can pass on some of their trade discounts to you as well. A good designer can often pass on anywhere from 5-20% discount. That is a professional service for little or no cost, after all this is where you will be  spending  your  time so save some of you building budget for those final touches.

Article By
Kassandra Richards

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