Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Belfast - Titanic Museum

Week 5 – Belfast Titanic Museum located in the city’s Titanic Quarter.

Titanic Belfast was designed and built to reflect Belfast’s maritime heritage and honour the history of Harland & Wolff shipyard where the word famous Titanic was built.
Eric Kuhne and Associates were commissioned as concept architects, with Todd Architects chosen as lead consultants. Once built, National Geographic identified Titanic Belfast as the main attraction for visitors to look forward to in 2012. What a site!
If you have a close look you will notice the building is clad in metal shards and when the light plays on them it looks like the movement of water. The building also has reflecting pools for a symbolic water effect.  
If seen from above, the building resembles a white star, which is symbolic for Titanic’s operators.
If there is any doubt of what the museum is all about, then I’m sure this contemporary sculpture will help give it away.
This is one building that definitely wont sink!

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