Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Stay tuned over the next 4 weeks as we explore Tweaq’s vision for design from around the world.

Week 1 - Venice
Tania recently visited Venice and got inspired by the traditional designs
Each colour represents a different family. Design can be everywhere!
Pattern doesn’t always have to be just on clothes or pillows. Check out this flooring option found in a traditional Venetian Café.
Feature lighting can make a space go from average to having the ‘WOW factor’. See example of light found in Venice. Need a chair anyone!

Renovating in Venice? Have a look at this Bathroom showroom’s display window. Great way to explore with colour.

Check out this designer Gruppo Squassabia. An new upcoming furniture designer that challenges traditional methods. Jump on our Facebook page and check out some of his unique designs.

One example is this exciting new table. Inspiration for design can be everywhere. Even in daily chores. Definitely a unique and effective coffee table design.
Stay tuned as next week we explore Paris!

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