Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome to Camden

Week 3 - London (part 2)

Camden Town, often shortened to Camden, is a district of inner London in northwest London, England.

Camden is described for having an alternative culture, being famous for its retail, tourism, entertainment and internally-known markets and music venues.

This photo was taken inside a caf√©. The image displays an example of Camden's alternative culture with this quirky feature chandelier.

You know the expression "when pigs fly" well now Shoes can fly.

Artistic portray of a shoe flying or being thrown out the window. This is what Camden is all about.

As I mentioned earlier, Camden Town is known for its markets. Welcome to Horse Tunnel Markets

This sculptural display of Horses is to represent the historic significant of these 19th century horse stables now opened for the public to enjoy.

These tunnels were truly an architectural experience!

Last image for this weeks blog!

Perfect way to sum up Camden with this artistic fixture for your bath tub. A traditional, yet eclectic design!
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Thanks for reading and next week we visit Dublin!

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