Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We have landed in Dublin!

Week 4 - Dublin

The Grand Canal Square Hotel.
If you ever visit Dublin, why not stay at this Contemporary piece of Architecture.

This building has been described by the Sunday Times as a building that will "bring the champagne fizz back into architecture". Architect Manuel Aires Mateus's designed this luxury hotel, plus 94 hotel residences to make a dramatic and effective impact in the new Grand Canal Square of Dublin.
Through Form and material the building positions itself in the dramatic landscape and primordial architecture of Ireland. The Hotel also features a dramatic lobby that has been designed as if it was excavated from rock. Definitely worthy of a visit.  
Bord Gais Energy Theatre also located at Dublin’s Grand Canal Square.
Designed by Martha Schwartz and also known as ‘the Square’, features a striking composition of a red "carpet" extending from the theatre into and over the dock. This is crossed by a green "carpet" of paving with lawns and vegetation. The red "carpet" is made of bright red resin-glass paving covered with red glowing angled light sticks. The green "carpet" of polygon-shaped planters filled with marsh like vegetation provides seating and will connect the new hotel to the office development across the square.
A Green Wall for a Green country, Dublin!
What can only be described as remarkable and well-established Green wall fully encasing this Apartment block in Dublin.
Next week we will be going back in time to explore the Titanic Museum in Belfast. Don't miss it!

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