Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tweaq explores Designs and Architecture from Paris!

Week 2 - Paris (part 1)

Bienvenue a Paris!

Paris has some amazing Architecture which is well over 100 years old and is just as effective now as it was back then.

It's common for some Architecture in Paris to have what the French call 'Jardin public' which means public gardens, surrounding the impressive building for the locals to relax and enjoy the features of this amazing piece of history.

Example of the locals enjoying the gardens surrounding this piece of architecture which will no doubt be as unique in another 100 years.

Now this is a street with history and style, modernised with bright and colourful bollards for an artistic and quirky atmosphere!

Good design will honestly last a lifetime. Perfect example is this fairy-tale style castle which is truly a remarkable piece of architecture. It may not suit all tastes but will still be looked upon in awe every time!

Another spectacular Parisian feature that can be seen while you walk through the streets and explore the Architecture of Paris!

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