Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ELLO, Welcome to London, England!

Week 3 - London (part 1)

First stop is London's main Financial District.

View of skyscraper 30 St Mary Axe (more informally known as “the Gherkin”) located in central London. The tower is 180m tall with over 40 floors. Architects Foster and Partners created an energy efficient building that packs a punch in both design and innovation.

Londoner’s have always been known for their pickled fruit!

Fact: In order to keep lighting costs down for this building the Architects designed the shafts to allow sunlight to pass through the building and also making the work environment more pleasing. Heating and cooling has also been efficiently designed by the shafts pulling warm air out of the building during the summer and warm the building in the winter using passive solar heating.

Take a look at Kensington Palace during its Makeover.
This building is currently being renovated for the future King and Queen of England. This is just an large printed image of the what the Palace should look like to cover the construction behind. The palace’s designer is one of Kate’s great friends. What a dream job!


Inside peak of the Tower of London – view of one of the Kings Rooms. Interesting to see that the same building methods, flooring and timber features popular back then are still modern in today’s design world. 

This feature lighting is a perfect example of how you can mix new designs to complement the existing surroundings of this 10th Century Castle.
Stay tunned for London (part 2) - Camden Town

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